Back to School Safety

back to school.happy asian mother with daughter in schoolWith school starting back up, it’s now even more important to consider the safety of your children. The back-to-school season, however, doesn’t mean that mean you have to worry more, just that you need to take more precautions. Though the school safety is taken care of by the principal and staff of the school, there are still some basic steps that can be taken to ensure your child a safe experience during school.

Talk With Your Child About Safety

Make sure to be specific, and talk to your child about instinct, as well as paying attention to fear or funny feelings. Talk about what to do if your child ever doesn’t feel safe, such as telling a teacher or calling 911. Make sure that your child also knows of other emergency contact numbers, like yours, a family member’s, or a trusted neighbor’s.

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Home Alone: Be with Your Kids When You Can’t Be with Your Kids

Smiling Young Pretty Girl Peeking Out Of DoorWe always want to be there to protect our children, but sometimes life provides circumstances that make it impossible to be there in person. Work and school hours may be a bit off, traffic may slow you as you head home, or your child may be at that transitional age where she is too old for a babysitter but too young to be left alone. Whatever the circumstance, there are ways you can increase the amount of after-school safety you offer your child.

Cell Phone

Make sure your child has a cell phone that has both you and 911 on speed dial. Many of today’s phones have GPS tracking incorporated and this is well worth seeking out when you make your purchase. Make it a rule that your child check in when they get home and that they stay inside until you arrive. Another thing to do is to place your phone number under the term ICE in your child’s phone contacts. Should something happen, emergency personnel will search a cell phone for this entry, which stands for In Case of Emergency.

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Safe Touch Emergency Response Team

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security sHurricanes are the price people in the Gulf and along the Atlantic seaboard pay for their beachfront property. All that great sun comes with a price but it’s a price you can help mitigate by going with the proven safety and security professionals at SafeTouch. While many security companies help protect your home with alarms, SafeTouch knows that when hurricanes strike, a more personalized approach is needed.


This is why SafeTouch has regional Emergency Response Teams ready to be there for you when hurricanes strike. While city, county, state and even Federal officials are there to help deal with the aftermath of a powerful hurricane, they are often overwhelmed due to the scope of the devastation. Thus the reality is you can’t be sure they will be there for you in a timely manner.

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Changing Your Cable Provider? What About Your Security System?

bigstock-network-engineer-working-in-se-65646097_copyWireless security systems have become extremely popular in recent times. Not only has the technology improved in the last few years, these systems are now more affordably priced and are quite reliable to ensure the safety and security of homes and businesses. They are easy to install and do not require hard wiring or circuit testing. The installation hardly takes a few hours and with the cameras good to go, you can keep an eye on who enters and leaves your property.

Cable Providers and Security Systems

Today, many cable providers are offering connectivity for security systems. They have packages that allow customers to choose how many cameras they want operational. You can get an alert by email or text message each time the system is activated or deactivated, and much more.
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What happens to my Home Security System during a Hurricane?

home security during stormNatural disasters are just that: disasters. Murphy’s Law of anything which could go wrong, going wrong might have been thought of after a natural disaster. So many things can go wrong and it’s best to be prepared. With the cyclical nature of hurricanes, it’s important to know what a home security system can do to protect your home and what issues are involved. In a fight between home security system technology and Mother Nature; it’s a safe bet to go with Mother Nature.

The Modern Home Security System Advantage
The wireless age is a boon to people living in areas prone to hurricanes. The main reason is wireless service provides less wiring and other electronics which can be damaged or destroyed as the storm rages. It also allows remote access to change security systems, turn on/off the system as well as get real-time video of your home depending on the home security package you have.
While not a perfect solution, wireless does give better access to your home while you ride out the danger far away. Yet, even modern technology has its limitations. Wi-Fi can be negatively impacted during electrical storms the high water content in the air can limit Wi-Fi strength. Plus, if the storm damages booster towers, connectivity will be impossible.

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Top 5 Advantages of Security Cameras

bigstock-Collection-of-CCTV-and-securit-89775863_copyIn this techno­oriented world, everything is going wireless, even home security. People who are concerned about neighborhood security know when and where to install a home security camera system. Such a system allows you to record activities going on inside as well as around the home in the absence of the homeowner.

Types of Security Cameras

There are different types of security cameras and knowing what each type offers can help you make an informed decision.

●  Traditional Camera: This is not as expensive as other cameras and can be added to existing home security system. The drawback is the limited vantage point it offers.

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Keeping your Summer BBQ Safe and Green

Summer is almost here and that means summer vacations, picnics and plenty of sports. It also means outdoor cooking and lots of it. However your summer BBQ shouldn’t be taken lightly given how it’s far more dangerous than people usually realize. Too often a summer BBQ involves three volatile things: toxic fuel, fire, and grease. In many cases these dangers are made worse by alcohol.

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Protecting your Summer Valuables

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbarTaking a vacation is something to look forward to by any standard. Yet you need to be proactive in thinking about how you are going to be protecting your valuables so you don’t come home to find your house burglarized. How to do this is easier than you might think but some things go against certain social trends which you need to avoid. Read more »

Preparing your home for Storm Safety


imagesIt’s hard to believe, but hurricane season waits just a few short weeks away. With storm safety prevalent in everyone’s minds, now is an ideal time to begin planning for this year’s potentially devastating weather. Early preparation provides a crucial opportunity to stock up on supplies and make your home ready for impending high winds and heavy rains. Read more »

What is 2G Network?

Communication tower during sunsetWhat is 2G Network?

Technology is moving at an incredibly fast rate, and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to reap the benefits of this. Many of the services you rely on everyday use this technology and while you don’t have to understand it, it helps to be informed of how it affects you.

When technologies become outdated and replaced by better, faster technologies, it means that new services become available, or current services become better. One downside, though, is that if you are using outdated technology, you may experience poor service that can cause you problems, sometimes serious ones.

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