Tips to Protect Your Pets

family pets

About 60 percent of Americans own a pet. Pets have won their place into our hearts and have become valuable members to most families. Not only do we enjoy having our pets around us, but we receive many benefits as a result of having them. Besides being our friend and companion, studies have shown that pets also provide many health benefits to us such as: Read more »

Home Security Advice for the New Homeowner

New homeowner

Congratulations- you’ve purchased a new home. You’ve successfully gotten through the tiring process of house hunting and paperwork, but home ownership is not as easy as turning your new key. It is important to ensure that your new home will be a secure and peaceful haven for you and your family. Along with unpacking your move-in boxes, there are necessary steps to protecting your new home. Below are steps to ensure a safe and swift transition into your dream home. Read more »

How Your Landscape can Deter a Burglar

house with landscape that deters burglars

Have you ever been burglarized? Are you searching for ways you can deter these burglars? If you said yes to either of these questions, then next time you go out to get your mail, stand next to your mailbox and take a look at your landscaping. A solution to your problems and worries can be as simple as a little gardening and upkeep.

Burglars can easily be deterred. While burglars look for houses with valuables, they first look for a house that has hiding spots and easy access. A burglar’s goal is to get in and out of a house quick, and by putting obstacles in their way, you can keep your valuables safe inside. And don’t worry, your landscape can still have curb appeal. Read more »

Why Your Business Needs a Security System

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security

Annual Alarm Checklist

Just like you give your employees an annual review or evaluation, your security system needs one, too. As a business owner, you must remain vigilant in making sure your alarm system is up to date and still functional for the company’s needs. Take the time to conduct an annual checklist to double-check your alarm’s performance.  Read more »

Kid-Proof Your Home for Summer

Family parents and children, secure and protecting home

Your home isn’t always a safe haven for kids. This is especially true if you’re away while at work or vacationing during the summer. Your kids can get into trouble, and even get injured, without your supervision. While you can’t always be there to protect your kids, you can proactively ensure their safety and comfort by relying on technologies such as wireless security systems and mobile monitoring. Read more »

Common Ways Burglars Will Try to Break In

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar

Even if you have taken all of the appropriate measures to secure your home from burglars, like installing motion-sensor lights, locking your doors at night, and keeping windows locked, educating yourself on how these criminals operate is very important. Burglars have been at their craft for a long time and have come up with many different ways to gain access to your home and to your valuables. Here’s a list of common entry points to your home and how to protect them.  Read more »

Summer Safety Hazards


Back view of a happy family on tropical beach

Summer can be the best time of the year, with long, warm days and mild nights. School has ended for a few months, and the family has the chance to spend time together. Keep your family safe this season by watching out for these summer safety hazards.

Outdoor Safety for Children

Children and the outdoors go hand in hand, especially during the summer. Prevent tragedies and ensure the wellness of your little ones with a few summer safety tips.

  • Don’t leave bicycles or other play equipment laying around in the yard.
  • Be mindful of curfews as the daylight gets longer. “You can stay out until sunset” gets later as each day passes. Set concrete times for children to be home.
  • If your child is playing near water, such as a play pool, never turn your back. It takes very little time for a child to drown, even when the body of water is very shallow.
  • Before your child goes outside, apply some sunscreen. Consider using an insect repellent as well, to drive away mosquitoes before they can snack on your child. Read more »

Answers to the Most Googled Questions About Security Systems


Many people interested in security systems come to us with similar questions. While there are some questions that we are asked that are specific to a certain kind of alarm, we answer the same general questions on a daily basis. Whether you have a security system or you are still researching the possible purchase, these answers will be of great value to you and your home’s security.

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10 Reasons Why You’re a Candidate for a Security System

Cctv Or Security Camera

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. For homeowners, what makes your castle, or home, special is that it’s yours – your own unique piece of the world. Maybe that’s why the thought of a break-in is so upsetting. While a moat may not be the best form of protection nowadays, a security system is. Here are ten reasons why you may be a good candidate for investing in a security system:

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Quiz: How Safe Are You?

Many of us assume we are doing everything possible to ensure our safety. As we at SafeTouch have seen over the years, there is usually more that can be done to protect ourselves, our families and our homes. Take the quiz below to test your safety knowledge and find out if there is more that you can be doing to improve your personal security.


I always lock all of my doors.   

·         1 – True

·         2 – False

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