How to Avoid Lock Bumping

alarm monitoring JacksonvilleYou would be surprised to learn how easy it is to unlock most common locks without an original key. In most cases, this is done using a technique known as “lock bumping”. Burglars and intruders use this technique to get into homes without signs of a forced entry.

How can you know that your lock is safe, and what precautions can you take to ensure that your home is not “lock bumped”? Read more »

Business Tips to Avoid Security False Alarms

business securityAvoiding false alarms is a good idea for business owners and managers. By following some simple guidelines, it is possible for business owners and employees to reduce the number of false alarms generated at their facilities. Read more »

How to Keep Your Home Secure While Remodeling

Home renovation

Whether it’s re-tiling your bathroom floor or extending the exterior walls of your kitchen, remodeling puts your home and family at risk for burglary and intruders. Most likely, there will be many strangers going in and out of your home during your remodel and you should be cautious. If you are planning a renovation with exposed walls, the lack of home security will be heightened. However, there are many steps to take in order to ensure your belongings and your family stay safe. Read more »

How to Deter Burglars When Your Vacation Home is Vacant

Vacation Home

A vacation home is still a home which is why you should protect your property as well as you would your main residence. After all crime can happen anywhere. As such, most crime is also preventable and with the proper steps you too will be able to rest well knowing your vacation home is safe and secure even if you’re miles away. Read more »

What Does a Burglar Look Like?

Burglar enters house

Even if you live in a “nice neighborhood,” it’s natural to be concerned about burglars. Crime of one sort or another is always the main topic of the local TV news. Plus, a large portion of the movies and TV shows produced are based on either crime or the justice system. It’s natural to be wary of burglars – but would you know a burglar if you saw one? Here’s some information to help you recognize a burglar and prevent a break-in. Read more »

Outdoor Summer Fire Safety Tips

Family cooking on the grill

Summer is the time to break out the recipes for the grill and roast your gourmet marshmallows over the campfire. It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Many of your gatherings will revolve around the grill and campfire. However, it is important to be aware of the hazards that come along with these pastimes. Read more »

Tips to Protect Your Pets

family pets

About 60 percent of Americans own a pet. Pets have won their place into our hearts and have become valuable members to most families. Not only do we enjoy having our pets around us, but we receive many benefits as a result of having them. Besides being our friend and companion, studies have shown that pets also provide many health benefits to us such as: Read more »

Home Security Advice for the New Homeowner

New homeowner

Congratulations- you’ve purchased a new home. You’ve successfully gotten through the tiring process of house hunting and paperwork, but home ownership is not as easy as turning your new key. It is important to ensure that your new home will be a secure and peaceful haven for you and your family. Along with unpacking your move-in boxes, there are necessary steps to protecting your new home. Below are steps to ensure a safe and swift transition into your dream home. Read more »

How Your Landscape can Deter a Burglar

house with landscape that deters burglars

Have you ever been burglarized? Are you searching for ways you can deter these burglars? If you said yes to either of these questions, then next time you go out to get your mail, stand next to your mailbox and take a look at your landscaping. A solution to your problems and worries can be as simple as a little gardening and upkeep.

Burglars can easily be deterred. While burglars look for houses with valuables, they first look for a house that has hiding spots and easy access. A burglar’s goal is to get in and out of a house quick, and by putting obstacles in their way, you can keep your valuables safe inside. And don’t worry, your landscape can still have curb appeal. Read more »

Why Your Business Needs a Security System

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security

Annual Alarm Checklist

Just like you give your employees an annual review or evaluation, your security system needs one, too. As a business owner, you must remain vigilant in making sure your alarm system is up to date and still functional for the company’s needs. Take the time to conduct an annual checklist to double-check your alarm’s performance.  Read more »

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