Top 5 Advantages of Security Cameras

bigstock-Collection-of-CCTV-and-securit-89775863_copyIn this techno­oriented world, everything is going wireless, even home security. People who are concerned about neighborhood security know when and where to install a home security camera system. Such a system allows you to record activities going on inside as well as around the home in the absence of the homeowner.

Types of Security Cameras

There are different types of security cameras and knowing what each type offers can help you make an informed decision.

●  Traditional Camera: This is not as expensive as other cameras and can be added to existing home security system. The drawback is the limited vantage point it offers.

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Keeping your Summer BBQ Safe and Green

Summer is almost here and that means summer vacations, picnics and plenty of sports. It also means outdoor cooking and lots of it. However your summer BBQ shouldn’t be taken lightly given how it’s far more dangerous than people usually realize. Too often a summer BBQ involves three volatile things: toxic fuel, fire, and grease. In many cases these dangers are made worse by alcohol.

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Protecting your Summer Valuables

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbarTaking a vacation is something to look forward to by any standard. Yet you need to be proactive in thinking about how you are going to be protecting your valuables so you don’t come home to find your house burglarized. How to do this is easier than you might think but some things go against certain social trends which you need to avoid. Read more »

Preparing your home for Storm Safety


imagesIt’s hard to believe, but hurricane season waits just a few short weeks away. With storm safety prevalent in everyone’s minds, now is an ideal time to begin planning for this year’s potentially devastating weather. Early preparation provides a crucial opportunity to stock up on supplies and make your home ready for impending high winds and heavy rains. Read more »

What is 2G Network?

Communication tower during sunsetWhat is 2G Network?

Technology is moving at an incredibly fast rate, and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to reap the benefits of this. Many of the services you rely on everyday use this technology and while you don’t have to understand it, it helps to be informed of how it affects you.

When technologies become outdated and replaced by better, faster technologies, it means that new services become available, or current services become better. One downside, though, is that if you are using outdated technology, you may experience poor service that can cause you problems, sometimes serious ones.

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Your Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring_Cleaning_Guide_Security_FocusSpring is a great time to clean out the house so that you are ready for the long lazy days of summer. Our comprehensive safety focused spring cleaning guide can help you get your houses security in order, so that you can relax knowing your home is safe through the warmer months.

Your Security Focused Spring Cleaning Guide

The following steps have been easily broken down so that you can tackle one at a time, or knock the whole list out at once. This security focused spring cleaning list can help you keep your home safe and secure this year through the summer months.

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Don’t Forget About The Pets!

petsafetyYou love your pets as much as any member of your family. Your pet is not just a source of joy, but is your comfort during stressful times. Pets undoubtedly help keep our stress levels in control, improve emotional and physical health, offer companionship and ward off loneliness. Pets help keep our heart healthy and are known to positively impact longevity. Read more »

Upgrades That Add Value and Security To Your Home

security_ugradesEvery homeowner wants to feel safe in secure in their own home at any time of the day or night. To do this, you need to make sure that you have incorporated security measures that will not only keep you safe, but will also add value to your home’s worth. SafeTouch recommends upgrading your home with the features listed below. Read more »

Home Break-In’s Gone Wrong

Home Break In Gone WrongWhile the idea of someone breaking into your home is never funny, there are times when home break-in’s gone awry can be quite amusing. Of course, the best way to ensure that you and your home are protected is to invest in home security measures that are effective. Planning ahead can deter would-be thieves and protect your home, your family and your valuables. Read more »

The Power Of A SafeTouch Security System

mobilesecurityOn average, one in 36 homes will be broken into this year. At SafeTouch, we understand the need for an alarm system and have made it our business to ensure your family’s safety. Since folks live a very busy life, we offer state-of-the-art devices, for when you are on the go.

Smash and Crash Proof

Often, the first thing a burglar attempts to do is debilitate the alarm system. They cut wires and smash keypads. This is why we have durable systems to keep you protected from savvy thieves.

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