Holiday Home Security Tips

LightsThe holidays often bring out the best in people. Generosity abounds as the spirit of the season inspires many to be a little bit kinder. However, not everyone sees the holidays as a time of giving. For burglars, the holidays are the season of taking. Homes full of expensive gifts and houses left empty for holiday travels present tempting, easy targets for intruders who are looking for a rich treasure trove.

This season, keep your home and family secure by considering these holiday safety tips. These basic rules of thumb can help prevent an unfortunate incident that could cast a shadow over the brightness of the holiday! Read more »

Home Security For Your Apartment

New Urban Apartment HouseIs it safer to live in an apartment or a house? The answer depends on the neighborhood. If you plan on moving to a new apartment or house it’s best to research the crime statistics for the neighborhood, which can be found on the FBI’s website. The next thing to question is how safe the security system is. The following tips will help you determine how safe your house or apartment is and whether or not you need to improve your security system.

Why Burglars Like Apartments

The main reason burglars stakeout apartments is because of the frequent amount of people coming and going, which

lowers suspicion of strangers. It’s easy to blend in since tenants are used to seeing new guests all the time. A stranger who hangs out near a  house, on the other hand, stands out. Another reason burglars like apartment complexes is that individual tenants typically do not invest in security systems because they figure the gate system shuts out unwanted trespassers.

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When Should I Buy A Security System?

Armed house security alarmIf you are like many Americans, you may have decided that a security system is something that you can live without. Only 14 percent of households have home security alarms, even though the systems are so effective in deterring crime. There are several good reasons that you should consider protecting your home with an alarm system. FBI crime statistics prove that houses without alarm systems are three times more likely to be robbed and as many as one in three houses without security will be burglarized at some point.  Here are some points to take under consideration when deciding when the time is right to protect your home with some extra reinforcement. Read more »

Steps To Ensure Your Teen Is Safe When Home Alone

Happy Teenager Girl Sitting Home On Sofa

By the time children reach their teen years, most are ready to be left home alone while you are away. Certainly they are too old to have a babysitter. As a parent you know your child best. No matter what, you must decide if your teenager is responsible, mature and independent enough to be left home alone.

Factors to Consider

  • Discuss the idea of your teens staying home alone with your children. Allow them to come up with questions and situations. Ask them how they would handle things in various scenarios.

  • In the case of an only child, make sure that they are ready and feel comfortable being left home alone. Read more »

Tips to Secure Your Garage From A Break-In

garagedoorsecurityWhen it comes to break-ins, the garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of a home. This is common knowledge to criminals; however, most homeowners aren’t aware of this fact. Here are some tips to help you secure your garage from a break-in.

Know your neighbors – Nothing deters crime better than nosy neighbors. If you go away for the weekend, will your neighbors wonder about your garage door being open or the truck in your driveway? Do they even know you well enough to realize that you’re not home? If not, you need to get to know your neighbors better now so they will know to ask questions in the future! Read more »

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

cybersecurityAs cyber-technology deepens it’s hold on our lives, the need for protection from online fraud, theft, and abuse becomes more of a concern.  That’s why the Department of Homeland Security has kicked off National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  The month of October is dedicated to educating citizens and raising awareness about cyber security, offering tips on ways to stay safe online, and strengthening the nation’s security in the event of a cyber-related incident. Read more »

Tips to Prevent Your Home from Flooding

flood damaged homeYou can’t feel safe in your home if you can’t even live in it because of a recent flood. In the final stretch of rainy season in Florida, it is important to keep your home dry and safe.

From smelly soaked carpet to damaged warped wood floors, your home can quickly become a victim of a storm. Not only are your floors in danger, but your electronics, appliances, furniture, lighting and personal keepsakes are susceptible to water damage. In addition to water damage, mold can set in after a flood. There are many initial home protocols you can follow when it comes to flooding prevention for you home. Keeping your home above the water is one of them. Unless you live at the top of a mountain, this is probably easier said than done. However, the only way towards safety and less water damage is to go upward. While your home can be designed structurally against hurricanes, water can easily cross the threshold if you have not taken the necessary precautions for your home. A general rule to significant water damage is when the water reaches an inch above your floor. Read more »

How To Create A Neighborhood Watch Program

neighborhoodwatchCrime in your neighborhood is one of the most unsettling experiences. Your home should be your sanctuary and the place where you feel the most safe. But in our modern society, security is increasingly hard to come by. A good neighborhood can become questionable, seemingly overnight, when undesirable elements move in. And while cities still try to recover from the financial challenges of recent years, local police budgets may not be getting the funding they really deserve. Before you give up on feeling safe at home, there is a way to take back your streets: band together with your neighbors to create a Neighborhood Watch Program. It may sound like a major undertaking, but it’s really not as difficult as you might think. Read more »

How To Prevent Accidental Poisoning At Home

child_housecleanerDeath from accidental poisoning is one of the most tragic events, mainly because most poisonings can be prevented. Even if you live alone, with no pets or children in the house, there are steps you should take to prevent injury, illness and death from poisoning. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

Children and Household Chemicals

Small children learn by touching things and putting them in their mouths and older children are naturally curious about what different things are and what they do. Few children will ask questions or seek permission before trying something out or experimenting with new things. Always keep cleaning products and household chemicals in locked cabinets or on very high shelves. Read more »

How to Avoid Lock Bumping

alarm monitoring JacksonvilleYou would be surprised to learn how easy it is to unlock most common locks without an original key. In most cases, this is done using a technique known as “lock bumping”. Burglars and intruders use this technique to get into homes without signs of a forced entry.

How can you know that your lock is safe, and what precautions can you take to ensure that your home is not “lock bumped”? Read more »

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