Quiz: How Safe Are You?

Many of us assume we are doing everything possible to ensure our safety. As we at SafeTouch have seen over the years, there is usually more that can be done to protect ourselves, our families and our homes. Take the quiz below to test your safety knowledge and find out if there is more that you can be doing to improve your personal security.


I always lock all of my doors.   

·         1 – True

·         2 – False

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Your Spring Safety Checklist

Now that spring has sprung, it is time for you to not only dive into spring cleaning but do your seasonal safety checkup, too. Many home break ins occur during warmer months and the best way to avoid these unfortunate encounters is to effectively prepare your home. The following safety checklist will help homeowners review their security systems to safeguard against criminals.


Doors and Deadbolts

All doors to the exterior should be equipped with a deadbolt instead of a breakable standard lock. Deadbolts require too much time and effort to compromise, which serves as a deterrent to thieves. Hinges should also be as secure as possible, fastened by screws at least two to three inches long. Since hollow doors are easy to break into, doors should be completely solid and reinforced with steel.

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Be Prepared: Your Family’s Fire Evacuation Safety Plan

Fire Drill Concept.

No one knows when a fire might break out which is why it’s important to establish fire evacuation plans with your family. Anyone who cares for the children, babysitters or nannies, and guests of your home, should be a part of these evacuation plans. Special care should be given to elderly family members, or those who have difficulty moving quickly, and special arrangements should be made to accommodate them. The family should practice it regularly making sure that everyone knows all available exits from their home.


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College and Dorm Safety Tips

burglar prevention FloridaFor many students, moving into a dorm or apartment for college is their first major experience with living alone. Living alone in an apartment, or with an unknown roommate, brings up a number of security concerns. What if your new roommate isn’t trustworthy? What if they are, but they aren’t very security-conscious and have bad habits about leaving doors unlocked? What if they’re completely trustworthy, but the friends they invite are not? There’s no way to trust everyone who may have access to your dorm. Before you move in, consider taking these security precautions.
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Preventing “Small Crimes” from Happening Inside Your Home

home security camera JacksonvilleYour home is your sanctuary, where you go to escape and feel safe enough to relax. But in today’s changing world, sometimes other people look to destroy that sense of peace and security. Crime can hit close to home, but it isn’t always in the big sort of way that makes headlines. People you know and allow to spend time in your house can commit small crimes, including petty thefts. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your valuables.
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Severe Weather Safety

wireless security system JacksonvilleIt has often been said, ”If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” In the Jacksonville, Florida, area weather changes come about quickly. It can be bright, sunny and pleasant one minute, and five minutes later, storm clouds roll in suddenly with a tropical thunderstorm raging followed by a flash flood.

Be prepared! This famous scout motto rings true when it comes to home safety and security in Jacksonville, Florida. Every homeowner should have basic emergency supplies stored in their home for that sudden unexpected emergency. There are many emergency kits available that are loaded with survival items complete with a radio and a first aid kit. These are very reasonably priced and are good to have on hand for an emergency. The Red Cross also has information available on how to put an emergency kit together. A handy NOAA weather radio with a hand crank and a battery backup can be purchased at most electronics stores and is a great item to keep on hand. In addition, wireless security systems for your Jacksonville home can keep your home secure at any time. SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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Tips for Reducing False Alarms

home security system OrlandoAlthough there are many benefits to having an alarm system at your home or business, there are sometimes false alarms. While it can be annoying when this happens, it is simply something that comes with having an alarm system. However, there are some ways that you can minimize the occurrence of false alarms yourself. The type of alarm you have may differ depending upon which security alarm systems in Savannah, GA that you have chosen, but these tips will work for many different alarm systems. SafeTouch Security Systems also has locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee, Florida.
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Hidden Safety Hazards Around Your Home

home security system TampaIf you have a family living in your home, including younger kids, then odds are good that you do everything in your power in order to keep them safe and secure. One way to do this is via alarm monitoring in Tampa, which allows you to set up a security system for when your family is asleep or away from home, thereby providing you with the comforting knowledge that your home is safe and secure. However, even with the use of alarm monitoring in Tampa, there are a lot of things to be careful of throughout the house. Some of the most dangerous hazards are everyday items that you may have overlooked.
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2014 Safety Resolutions You Should Make

home security system JacksonvilleEveryone knows that it is far easier to make yew year’s resolutions than it is to keep them. In the case of your home, though, resolving to improve home safety is not just easier than most self-improvement resolutions, it is also incredibly beneficial in the long run. More often than not, making your home safer is merely a matter of taking simple steps to prevent the very worst from happening: compromising your family’s safety. Even if you already have an Orlando security system, such as SafeTouch, here are some simple and easy home security improvements you can make to resolve for a safer 2014.
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10 Ways to Keep Your Internet Identity Secure

wireless home security system JacksonvilleAs we spend an increasing amount of our lives using the Internet, we must be aware of our increasing vulnerability to cyber crimes. With this said, most people think more about maintaining their family’s and their property’s physical safety by securing their Jacksonville homes with wireless security systems, but they do not approach their Internet safety with the same concern.

SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Orlando, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia to meet the security needs in each individual area.
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